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"You know, I never really dreamed I'd be a U.S. Senator, I dreamed about building a business.

And I did, and I loved the energy of what we created.

Something was missing. 

One day, I was looking at our church bulletin and saw they were putting together a mission trip to Haiti.

And they needed someone who knew something about construction.

Working with people in such need, but who were so appreciative touched me in ways that you could not imagine.

Came home to Chattanooga and saw a lot of people in our own inner-city who had similar needs.

We helped thousands of families have the opportunity for a decent home so that they could have a better life.

That led to Mayor.

Mayor to Senate.

I found that something that was missing.

It's knowing that you've made a difference.  

That you've created an environment for others to achieve their own success."